Finding inspiration is sweeter than Christmas Mornings

Some people say, you should NOT sit and wait for inspiration to come. I think they are right. Inspiration comes when it comes. And, at that point, it's best to have a  brush or pencil in your hand.

So, to me it seems like, in order to make use of the powerful energy of creative inspiration, you simply have to paint as often as possible. Painting is a lot better than thinking hard about what to paint.

I tend to paint female portraits and botanical illustrations. I don't know why. But I just cannot seem to get tired of them. But there are no strict rules to me. So it's okay to try out different things too.


I am drawn to beauty everywhere: A sunset, a traffic light reflected in a water pit or a drop of water on telephone cables. But that does not mean I want to paint it. That's something else.


When I see botanical illustrations, I always stop to have an extra look. Even if it’s a fruit illustration printed on a pack of chewing gum with lemon flavor. Just feel grateful for the artist illustrator who painted that lemon illustration. It's like my heart says 'thank you'. And I feel like painting too. The same thing happens when I see an interesting face. A different portrait painting. An old black and white portrait photo. Or even a vintage illustration on an old sewing pattern. Especially from the 1920’s to the 1940’s. But other decades too. 

I usually know it right away, when I see a photo or an illustration, that I would like to try to use as a reference for a painting. So to me finding inspiration is not enigmatic nor secret. It's simply a feeling of following my joy.