Welcome to my online portfolio

How to buy my artwork

Please contact me via lulusandart@gmail.com to know more. All paintings are for sale.

My song

90 x 120 cm

A world of her own

120 x 90 cm

Maria de la Madrugada

50 x 70 cm


90 x 120 cm

Between heaven and earth

70 x 60 cm

Foolish things

40 x 90 cm

Citrus limon

50 x 70 cm

It's the waves

50 x 70 cm

Interested in a painting?

If you are interested in my paintings, please contact me at lulusandart@gmail.com for prices and more information.

Want to know more?

Write to me at lulusandart@gmail.com. I answer within 24 hours or as soon as I have finished washing my brushes.